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  1. What is an ATM/Debit Card?
    A Debit card is a Plastic Payment Card that a Financial Institution issues to a User to enable him/her electronic access to their Bank Account
  2. How do I obtain an Interswitch-Enabled Debit/ATM card?
    All Interswitch-Enabled Debit/ATM Cards are issued by Financial Institutions/Banks
  3. Security Tips for keeping your card Safe
    - Never Give your Card to someone else to make payments on your behalf
    - Ensure to always keep your card PIN safe
    - Report any issue of Card Compromise to your Financial Institution
  4. What Debit Cards are accepted on the Glisten ESMIS Portal?

    - MasterCardTM Naira
    - Verve Card
  5. What is CVV or CVV2 and where can I find it on my card?
    This is 3 Digit Card-Security Number located at the back of the Debit Card. See image below
  6. How do I Make Online Fees Payment on the Glisten ESMIS Portal?
    - In the Payment Selection Page, Select a Payment Option
    - Note the unique Transaction Number generated for each Payment Attempt
    - Proceed to the Payment Console Page
    - Enter your Card Details, PIN and CVV
    - Click on the 'Pay' button
  7. How Secure are the Online Payments?
    All Transactions and Interactions on the Glisten ESMIS Portal are Encrypted and Secured by various Cutting-Edge Technologies.
  8. What is the Payment Transaction Number?
    The Payment Transaction Number is a Unique Number generated for each Payment Attempt. This Number is displayed on the Screen and also emailed to you
  9. Do I get a Receipt after Successful Payment?
    An e-Receipt is Generated and Emailed to your for every Successful Payment Transaction
  10. How Do I view my Payment Transaction History
    After Successful login to your Portal Account, go to the 'Transaction History' page to view your Payment Transaction History
  11. What Payment-Response-Messages are Available?
    Several Payment Response Messages are available; thus, for each Payment Transaction attempt, Observe and note the Response Message on the Screen.
  12. Contact Details for Payment Issues, Questions and Inquiries
    For either Questions, Issues or Inquiries, contact the Glisten Support Team Contact HelpDesk